What You Should Know When Your Pet Needs Surgery

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Pointing to Big Cypress Animal Clinic’s American Animal Hospital Association accreditation (which requires compliance in more than 900 areas!) as the gold standard of small animal veterinary medicine, Dr. Randall says AAHA membership puts his clinic in the top 15 percent of veterinary practices nationwide.

“Surgery is serious business and we want the best possible outcome every time,” says Dr. Randall. “We only believe in the good stuff around here.”

Dr. Randall says communication is key before, during and after surgery. He takes care to make sure pet owners know what to expect and to instruct them about how to care for their animals afterward, but he also spends time with his surgical team, outlining each procedure and what each member of his team is expected to do during an operation.

A certified technician observes every patient throughout the entire surgery, while the doctor and technicians ensure that attention is paid to every detail. Staffers take pride in keeping owners updated on how the surgery is progressing and, later, providing excellent aftercare, with frequent re-checks and specialized pain management.

Watch a fascinating, but very graphic, live-action video of Dr. Randall performing surgery.